Managing Phlox Pro License

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Find Phlox Pro Purchase key

To find your Phlox Pro purchase key (the license), you need to do 3 simple steps:

  • Log in to your Envato account and open the Themeforest website
  • Navigate to the Downloads tab from your profile menu
  • Find Phlox Pro and download the License certificate & purchase code file

The whole process is demonstrated in the following video tutorial:

Activating Your License

It's s very simple process. After installing the theme, just click the Activate button on the activation notification and enter your email and purchase key in the pop-up form:

What could go wrong?

If the license key is already activated on another domain, you will be notified and can not activate it on the current or any other domain.

To see your license status and possibly transfer it, please visit your profile at our help center.

You need to be registered at the Averta help center to create your profile. After that, you can log in anytime and manage your license from your profile page.

If the license key is for some reason not valid, you will be notified by the following message:

If you are sure that you have entered your license correctly and it's the exact license key you got from the Envato marketplace, please contact our support for assistance.

If your website can not make a connection to Averta servers, you may see the "connection error":

For these, please try the following suggestions:

  • Contact your host provider and make sure that our servers are not blacklisted to limited by a firewall or security plugin. Please check for the following addresses:
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Make sure your server supports the curl library and it's working fine.  

Other possible reasons for the license activation problem could be the PHP version or Mixed Content error. For the PHP version you need to make sure it's version 5.6 or above and for Mixed Content error a comprehensive guideline like the following can be helpful:

Transferring Your License To Another Domain

The license that you get with the Phlox Pro package is intended for one domain only. This means that you are only allowed to activate it on your main domain. But there are cases that you may need to transfer your license to another website.

All you have to do is register and login to the Averta support center, then right in your panel you can check and manage your activated licenses, and also you have the option to deactivate them remotely.

If you have extended your support license recently, or even purchased a new license, you need to sync your support account with your Envato account again.

Sync Your License With Your Account

There may be situations where you need to sync your account to update your license status on your profile. There are two methods to do that and both are very straightforward. The following video tutorial demonstrates this:

Frequently Asked Questions About The License

  • Can I use my license on multiple domains?
    • No. Please note that premium services such as "automatic theme update, "exclusive customer support", "demo websites", "demo importer ", and "template kits library" are not part of GPL license, as a result,  by purchasing a license you are entitled to use it only on one domain (can be activated only on one domain), you need to purchase a separate license for each of your websites. Also, by purchasing a license you acknowledge that you agree with Envato license terms and conditions.
  • Can I transfer the Phlox Pro license key from one domain to another? 
    • Yes. The process is covered here.
  • Can I use the license to activate the bundled plugins?
    • No. The license that you get with the Phlox Pro package is only intended for Phlox Pro itself, not any of the bundled plugins. For more information, please visit this article.
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