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Automatic Update 

Updating Phlox Pro has never been easier. 

Before using the automatic update method, please note that you need to activate your purchased license. If you are seeing the following notification, it means that your license is not activated on your current domain and therefore you can't use the automatic update:


The process of installing and activating the Phlox Pro license, including how to find your license, is described here:

After activating your license, just navigate to the Phlox Pro dashboard, and under the Update menu, you will see any pending update. By simply clicking the Update Now button, everything will be updated.

What could go wrong?

One of the premium plugins is not updating

Normally, there should be no issues like this, but if by any chance you encounter this situation, please visit our support center and report this. We will take necessary actions

I can't see the Phlox dashboard and therefore can't reach the update menu

If for any reason, the Phlox Core Elements plugin is disabled or not installed on your website, the Phlox dashboard will not show up in the WordPress admin menu. In this case, the best way is to update the theme using the manual method which is described in the next section.

Plugins do not update to their latest versions

Please keep in mind that we always check these plugins for their compatibility with Phlox first. This means that sometimes the plugin publishers release an update while we are on our own development schedule. For this, you must be patient while we update the plugins on our servers, then you can receive the updates on your website.

Please note that the automatic update method has been added to the Phlox Pro since version 5.1.5 and if you are using an older version of the theme, then you need to grab the latest version from Themeforest marketplace and use the manual update method described below.

Plugins fail to update or are not listed in the automatic update menu

Sometimes servers do not respond to the requests or there is a temporary issue that causes this situation. In this case, we recommend that you delete that plugin from the WordPress Plugins menu and install it again from the Phlox dashboard plugins menu. Most of the time this fixes the problem.

Another thing to look for is that our servers and IP addresses are not blocked by a firewall or security plugin on your server. For this, please contact your host provider and make sure this is not the case for you.
Please contact your host provider and ask them to whitelist the following addresses:
  • averta.net
  • api.phlox.pro
  • masterslider.com

Destination folder already exists... Theme installation failed

Install File Manager -> navigate to themes folder -> remove the incomplete or corrupted folder

Manual Update

If for any reason, you can't use the automatic update method, you can use the manual method.

All you need to do is to download the latest version from the ThemeForest marketplace and install it but there are a couple of things to consider.

When downloading the theme, make sure you download the  Installable WordPress file only.

The next important point is that you need to delete the old version of the theme then installs the new one which you just downloaded.

Do not worry about deleting the old version of the theme from the server. This action will not remove your data, such as your images, options, pages, and posts content. But please note that if you made some changes to the theme's core files, such as adding some styles or changing PHP files, they all will be lost. However, if you do that on your child theme, it is ok and everything remains there.

To do this, first, switch to a WordPress default theme temporarily, and then delete the current version of the Phlox theme and finally install the new update.
This process is described in this video:

The same process can be used to update the plugins, but if you update the theme, you can use the automatic update method for updating plugins.

Update using FTP

In this method, you can update Phlox Pro by using an FTP client like Filezilla, FireFtp, and Cyberduck.

  1. Download Phlox Pro package from the marketplace
  2. Use an FTP client to access your host web server
  3. Delete the current directory of the Phlox Pro theme ( it's "phlox-pro" )
  4. Upload the downloaded zip package to your wp-content folder
  5. Extract the package ( how to do it )
  6. Log in  to the WordPress Admin Panel
  7. Select Appearance > Themes on the Dashboard
  8. Roll over the Phlox Pro thumbnail image and activate the theme

For other possible issues regarding hte update process, please take a look at our Update Troubleshooting guideline which we described more complicated situations.

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