Update Troubleshooting (pro)

In this article, we discuss different situations you may encounter, in the process of updating the Phlox Pro theme and its plugins.

If you are are using the latest version of the Phlox Pro theme, then most probably you won't face any of these issues. The standard update process is described here:

If the normal update process does not work for you, then please continue to read.

The most common issue that you may be facing is that the plugins are temporarily disabled, which happens after a new update release.

You may see something like this in your WordPress dashboard:

This message indicates that the plugins are up to date and the theme is not.

Why is this happening?

First of all please note that the Phlox theme and its plugins are tied together very closely and a lot of their functionalities are related to each other. Therefore if their version is not compatible with each other, the plugins will be disabled until you update the theme as well. This is a good thing and is intended to prevent any conflicting problems.

How does this happen?

Please be aware of WordPress Automatic Background Updates.

Automatic background updates were introduced in WordPress 3.7 in an effort to promote better security, and to streamline the update experience overall. By default, only minor releases – such as for maintenance and security purposes – and translation file updates are enabled on most sites. In special cases, plugins and themes may be updated.

Because the Phlox Core Elements, which is the main plugin of the Phlox theme, is available in the WordPress repository, it gets updated when a new version is available.

This is mainly the only reason that you may face the "plugins temporarily disabled" situation.

It's the same for the Phlox Portfolio plugin which is also available in the WordPress repository.

Why does not the theme updates automatically?

Phlox Pro theme files are not available in the WordPress repository and are coming from the Envato Market. Therefore you must update the theme yourself.

How to prevent this situation?

You can disable the Automatic Background Updates as it is explained in the WordPress Codex.

My plugins are disabled, what can I do?

You can simply update the theme and everything will be back to normal. There are two ways to do this.

1- The automatic method:

This is explained here but there is something to consider.

You need to delete the old version of the theme, then install the new one.

For this, first switch to a WordPress default theme temporarily, and then delete the current version of Phlox theme and finally install the new update.

This process is described in this video:

All said, please note that we are constantly working on improving Phlox theme and its functionalities and there many new features and improvements coming in the future updates.

Until then, you can count on our full support for any possible issue you face. Just head over to our forum here and submit a new ticket. Our support staffs are ready to assist you.

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