Adding Phlox Header Button

You can add up to two buttons to Phlox header. Header Button is available in different sizes and various styles. Also, you can add an icon to your button or even link the button to anywhere you want.

To find the related options, follow below steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Click Appearance on the Dashboard
  3. Then click Customize
  4. Navigate Header > Header Button 1, 2

Header Button Options

Display Header Button 1

Here you can enable this option to display a button in the header. If you want to add two buttons, go back and select Header Button 2.

Button Label

Choose a name for your button on this section.

Button Size

Each button can have different sizes: Ex-large, Large, Medium, Small, Tiny

exlarge large medium small tiny

Button Shape

The shape of the button can be changed to Box, Round, Curve

box round

Button Style

Buttons can appear in three styles: Normal, 3D, Outline

normal 3d outline

Icon for Button

There are almost a thousand available icons to use on the button.

Icon Alignment

You are able to align the button icon to:
Icon Alignment Icon Alignment Preview
Left left-icon
Right right-icon
Over animate-over
Animate from Left animate-left
Animate from Right animate-right

Color of Button

This option specifies the color of the button. To see all available colors for Phlox button, check out [step_link id="36954" text="this page"].

Color of Button on Sticky

On sticky header mode, the button's color can be different to its original color.


If you want to link your button to another page, you can write the URL in this field.

Open Link in

You can either open the link in the current page or in the new page.

To see the buttons demos, check out this link.

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