Moving From Deprecated Legacy Header

If you are using the legacy header or footer options on your website, you need to move to the new Header/Footer Template feature by simply recreating your header or footer. There are two ways to do it:

  • Start an empty template and design it as you like
  • Use a ready-to-use template of demos and build on top of that

Whatever method you choose, here is how to do it.

Start from Scratch

  • Create an empty header
  • Design it using Elementor
  • Set it as your header or footer in the Customizer settings

Please watch the following video which demonstrates this:

Using an already-designed template

  • Choose a template from our demo collection
  • Export it using the Export Section feature
  • Import it into your website and add your modifications

The following video shows how it's done:

Please notice that the legacy options will be completely removed from the theme  but there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Changing your header will take very little time and it won't cause any problem.

Why the legacy header is being dropped?

Keeping everything updated on your website is always recommended and prevents many different types of problems. The Elementor page builder is a very important part of modern WordPress themes and it's also fully compatible with the Phlox theme. 

By moving from the legacy header/footer to the new Header/Footer Template, you will extend your website flexibility in terms of design and control over various new options. So considering a small amount of time for making this change is definitely worthwhile and will have a positive result on your website.

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Finally, you got us. We have a dedicated support team that will assist you regarding this or any issue.

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