Getting Started with Export Section Feature

With more than 100 ready-to-use demos and the rich Template Kits library, the new Export Section is yet another awesome feature that enables you to design your website as customized as you wish.

What is this feature?

If you ever used the Template Library in Elementor, you must know that you can save your own pages and sections as templates for later usage. There is also the Export feature to export your templates and use them on another website. The Phlox Export Section feature works on this basis and the process is completely compatible with the Elementor.

How to use the Export Section feature

Video tutorial:

Step by Step guide:

Head over to the Phlox website. Open any of the pre-made demos and click on the Export Section button on the right side of the page.

Export Section button

After you clicked it, the export mode will be activated and for each section on the page, you will notice a little blue label with the word "Export Section" that if you click on it, a file will be downloaded into your computer.

This file contains the necessary information for that section and it's the same file that you will be using to import into your template library in Elementor.

The next step is to go to the Saved Templates menu and click the Import Templates button on top of the screen.

Select the file and click Import Now and a new section template will be downloaded to your website in a few seconds with a unique name.

There is also another method for importing a template. When you are editing your page inside Elementor, click the folder icon right next to the plus icon to open the dialog box:

Then click the icon with the up-arrow shape in the top-right corner and things are straightforward after that. Just select your file and it will be imported to your template library:

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