Importing Pages and Sections with Phlox Template Kits and Elementor

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At the moment we recommend using the Export Section feature instead of the Template Kits. It will be updated soon. In the meantime, if you need anything related to this topic, please feel free to contact our support.

Phlox Pro has one of the best addons for Elementor that includes some templates for your website. Phlox collects many ready-made pages and sections on the Template Kits menu in the Phlox dashboard.

This growing collection of various templates, lets you create any page you want in a few clicks. For example, you can have a contact page by importing one of the pre-made contact pages or add different sections such as countdown, newsletter, etc. to your existing pages.

Besides templates, this library also contains some sections from all of the available Phlox demos and you can freely add each section you need to your pages. So instead of importing an entire demo, you can choose a section or page from the categories and import it to your pages to speed up your web creation process and it takes less time to achieve an eye-catching website. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Select Appearance > Themes on the Dashboard Sidebar
  3. Navigate Phlox Pro
  4. Go to Template Kits
  5. Select Pages or Sections on top of the library
  6. Choose the page/section you want and click on the Download button
  7. On the pop-up window, select Continue
  8. Click on Install Plugins to install all of the required plugins for running the demo
  9. Choose to import all of the data or select only specific data
  10. In the end, you can copy it to clipboard or import it to your templates


To know about importing a demo from the Phlox demo importer, check out here:

Inserting a Template

Template Library is accessible on the Elementor editing screen. On the right side of your page, you will see the Elementor editing screen. Besides adding or editing elements, it is possible to choose a layout for your page. Besides prebuilt templates or block designs, you are able to choose one of your imported sections/pages from the library.

Just click Add Template button. On the popped-up modal, you can find three tabs: Blocks, Pages, and My Templates.

On the first tab, there are some pre-made sections and you can choose one of them instead of select a columns structure yourself.

Many pre-designed templates are available on the Pages tab. Before you add a template, you can preview your desired template by hovering on the thumbnail, then click on the little magnifying icon. To add the template, you can click on the INSERT button on the top right of its preview page. Or you can directly insert the template without previewing it on the library.

The third tab shows your saved templates and sections.

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