Displaying Related Posts on your Blog

One of the efficient ways to increase the page views on your blog is adding related posts next to your post content. To add this section to the blog post page, you can install Related Posts for WordPress Plugin. You can manually add related posts, or the plugin will automatically connect the posts to each other.

This plugin unlike many other similars, does not have a huge process on your server. Upon you add a new post or activate the plugin, it scans all of the posts to find relatives.

To install and activate Related Posts for WordPress Plugin:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Click Appearance on the Dashboard
  3. Click Phlox
  4. Go to the Required Plugins tab
  5. Find Related Posts for WordPress and install it

Video Tutorial

To find more information about all recommended plugins for Phlox check out this page.

Plugin Installation

After activating the plugin, it will automatically index and catch your posts.

  1. Enter amount of related posts you want to appear below each post, then click on Link now.
  2. Now related posts will appear at the end of each post.

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