Translating Phlox Theme with WPML

Phlox and Phlox Pro are modern and highly customizable multi-purpose themes officially recommended by Elementor. The Pro version comes with over 180 complete templates which you can simply import and edit in Elementor. With these templates, you can create websites for a variety of industries, including business, shop, agency, portfolio, news & magazine, food & restaurant, travel, and photography.

Phlox and Phlox Pro are fully compatible with WPML, making it possible for you to build modern and clean multilingual websites.

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Getting Started

Start by installing and activating the Phlox or Phlox Pro theme by going to AppearanceThemes.  For both themes, you’ll have to install and activate the Phlox Core Elements plugin. If you’re using Phlox Pro, you’ll also have to enable the Phlox Pro Tools plugins. These plugins come bundled with your theme.

Then, install and activate the following:

To enable all the other plugins that come bundled with Phlox and Phlox Pro, go to PhloxDashboard and click on the Plugins tab.

WPML Translation Methods

With WPML, you can choose from two translation methods:

  • The Translate Everything mode lets you automatically translate your content as you add or edit it. You can also choose to review the translations before publishing them to ensure they are correct.
  • The Translate Some mode lets you decide what to translate, and who will translate it. Choose between translating your content yourself, assigning it to individual translators, or enlisting the help of a professional translation agency. 

Translating Posts and Pages

With WPML, you can translate any type of content on your site, including pages and posts. Depending on the amount of content you have, you can choose to translate each page individually or to translate your posts and pages in bulk.

 In the example below, we’ll show you how to translate a page by yourself:

  1. Edit the page you’d like to translate. In the right sidebar, locate the Language box. Click on the plus icon next to the language you want to translate your page into.

Clicking the plus icon to translate a page

2. You’ll be taken to the Advanced Translation Editor. If you have translation credits, you can translate the content automatically. If not, enter the translations for each line by clicking the plus icon. Once you are happy with all the translations, click Complete

Translating a page in the Advanced Translation Editor

You can now view your translated page on the front-end:

Viewing the translated page on the front-end

Translating Pages Built With Elementor Page Builder

Phlox and Phlox Pro come bundled with the Elementor page builder. To learn more, see WPML’s guide to building multilingual sites with Elementor and WPML

Translating Portfolios and Other Custom Post Types

The Phlox theme package comes with the Phlox Portfolio plugin. You can activate it by going to Phlox Dashboard and entering the Plugins tab. To translate your Portfolios, take a look at WPML’s documentation page about translating custom post types

Translating Portfolio Categories and Other Custom Taxonomies

You can translate your Portfolio Categories in the same way you would translate post categories and custom taxonomies. In the example below, we’ll show you how to translate Portfolio Categories from a central menu:

  1. Go to WPML Taxonomy Translation and use the dropdown menu to select the taxonomy to translate. Here, we’re selecting Portfolio Categories
  2. Click the plus icon to add your translation and then press on the Save button.

Translating Portfolio Categories from a central menu

Translating Texts From Phlox Theme, Plugins, and Other Places

Besides the content that comes from the posts and pages on your site, there are usually some additional texts coming from your theme and plugins.

To learn how to translate these texts, check out WPML’s documentation page about String Translation.

With WPML, you can translate your menus automatically, manually, or synchronize them across all your languages. For more information, please see WPML’s guide to translating menus

Translating Your WooCommerce Site With WooCommerce Multilingual

If you run a WooCommerce store, you can make your store multilingual by downloading WooCommerce Multilingual (WCML) from the Downloads section of your WPML account. With WooCommerce Multilingual, you can translate:

  • Your WooCommerce products, product variations, and product add-ons
  • Your Cart and Checkout pages
  • Product categories, tags, attributes, and custom taxonomies
  • Product reviews
  • Image texts and URLs 

You can also enable the multi-currency mode and choose to display prices in different currencies depending on the language or location of your clients. 

Getting Help

If you need help translating your site built using Phlox or Phlox Pro theme and WPML, contact us. You can also visit WPML’s support forum.

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