Phlox Flexible Posts

Phlox Flexible Posts is a multi-purpose dynamic widget and as the name implies, it's quite flexible.

To work with this widget, you need to set up an Elementor Template first. 

Click on Templates > New and make sure to choose Single as the Template Type:

Build your template as you like. You can use static widgets like Heading for a title or a dynamic widget for any type of post type. The best way to explain is with an example.

Example of using the Flexible Posts widget

Let say you add a Post Title and a Post Content to your template. In the Elementor editing panel, your template will look like this:

It's fine because we did not tell it what to display.

Now let's create a page and add our Flexible Posts widget:

Select your template from the list under the Layout tab and then select the "Post Type" to display under the Content tab:

In this case, we have set the Flexible Posts widget to display the blog posts based on our custom template. Here is the result:

Our Flexible Posts widget is displaying blog posts and it's displaying only title and content for each post as we have designed in our custom template.

Please note that you can adjust other options like the number of the columns, pagination, and more using the available options.

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