How to fix "Download failed. A valid URL was not provided" error?

In a rare situation, you may notice the " Download failed. A valid URL was not provided" error in the updates menu in the Phlox dashboard which will prevent the update process.

In this article, we show you how to fix this.

First of all, please note that this problem is related to your license. Whether the license is invalid or somehow corrupted, you may face this issue.

What you need to do is to reset the license value save on your website and then activate your license again.

To reset your license saved value, you need to run a small snippet only once on your website. This is the snippet:

function phlox_deactivate_license(){
    delete_site_option( THEME_ID . '_license' );
    delete_site_option( THEME_ID . '_license_update' );
    delete_site_option( 'envato_purchase_code_3909293' );
add_action( 'auxin_loaded', 'phlox_deactivate_license' );

Generally, you need to add this to the functions.php file in your WordPress installation but there is an easier way. To avoid the manual steps of editing and saving the server files.

First, please install and activate the Code Snippets plugin. After that, the Snippets menu will appear in your admin menu. From there, click on the add new and add the snippet as demonstrated in the following screenshots:

After this, you should immediately notice that your license is deactivated:

The next step is to delete this snippet because we only needed to run it once. So click on All Snippets menu and delete the snippet.

That's all. Now the license option is reset. You just need to enter your license again and update the theme and plugins.

Please note that this issue is temporary and we are working on fixing it permanently. Until then, please make sure to contact us if you needed any further assistance.

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