Support Policy


Thank you for choosing our product. Here at Averta we do our best to provide world-class support service to our users.

In this article, we describe our support service details.

Support Hours

We always do our best to minimize the response time of the tickets but this is not always possible due to different time zones.

Support requests are being processed on business days from 13:00 to 21:00 (GMT+8) in the order they were received. We will do our best to minimize the response time but depending on the nature of the situation, it may take a longer time to process your request, up to 2 days. And it is worth mentioning that the customization requests may take longer than that.

What we can't help you with

  • WordPress general support and "how-to"s. For this, please use WordPress forums.
  • Item customization. We do offer our guidance and recommendations for customizing the theme or the demos but any kind of design process or customizing requests are beyond support scope. That being said, we try to respond to these requests in a longer period of time.
  • New features implementation and extending theme functionalities. Of course, we will review and consider your feature requests but implementing them immediately is not possible.
  • Complex individual server-side issues.
    • Most of the time we can spot server-side issues but fixing them is up to you. You may need your host provider's help with it.
  • Third-party plugins and any other things that are not related to our products directly.

Some examples of requests that we can not help you with:

  • I want to have a section like that one

Maybe you saw some design on another website or you have an idea about some section of your page and would like to have that. Despite our willingness to help, unfortunately, we can not be of much assistance regarding these requests.

  • How to change this functionality of that widget

Let say you are working with the Recent Portfolio widget and you see that there is no option to search for listed items. For situations like this, all we can do is to receive your request and send it to our development team. Once enough requests are collected for one subject, we start adding that feature to the development process. 

  • How to apply that design from the X demo to my Y demo

Let say you are using one of our single-page demos and would like to add the shop page to your website. Of course, it's possible to do that but if you ask for a design that is applied to one of our specially designed shop demos, that is out of our support scope. This process would involve a lot of customizations and we can not help with that.

Resources and Tools

The main channel for answering your questions and fixing your issues is our support service. Also, you can visit our website to connect with our online support agents.

Also, don't forget to check out our documentation and video tutorial pages.

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