Phlox Modern Heading

Phlox Modern Heading is a useful element to display your content in various styles. Your text can contain Heading, Secondary Heading, and Description as the main content. Each part, is customizable separately and will get any color, font, or other styles you want.  

Video Tutorial

Access Modern Heading Options in Elementor Page Builder

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Click the Pages on the Dashboard
  3. Click the Add New
  4. Navigate to the top left hand of the WordPress text-box and find Edit with Elementor button
  5. Check out Elements
  6. Scroll down to PHLOX PRO - General section
  7. Choose Modern Heading

After adding tabs to your post or page, you are able to customize it by available options:

  • Content


Your heading is a title of your content and it can be linked to a new page or nofollow. It is possible to change  HTML Tag of your heading to H1 to H6 and the Alignment is changeable. You are able to add a divider by enabling Display Divider and set it to appear Before Heading, After Headings or Between Headings (heading and secondary heading)


Add your desired content to this section. It will be displayed after the heading.

Secondary Heading

You can divide your secondary heading into three parts: Before Text, Highlighted Text, and After Text. Other options of secondary heading, are the same as heading options.

  • Style


You can change many options on this section. When you hover over title bar, your Mouse Curser can be Default, Pointer, Zoom, and Help.

Paddings, Margins, and Border Radius can be changed. Also, you can set different paddings and margins on mobile and tablet.

Box Shadow and Border Type of title bar has different settings. This section lets you change these on Normal, Hover, or Selected mode. Width and Color are editable and Background Type can be Classic or Gradient.

Secondary Heading

You can change the Color and Typography of the title on Normal or Hover. Your highlighted texts can have different style.


The divider's WeightWidth, and Color are editable. It is possible to add Margin to it if you want. Divider can have gradient or even background image if you want.


You are able to change Color and Typography of your description, set a Max Width, and add Margin to it.


This section lets you set Height and Width for the wrapper, and add Margin and Padding to it.

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