Displaying Recent News in Big Grid (pro)

Displaying Recent News is one of the available options for Phlox News. Recent news can appear on Widget Areas or on a page by using Page Builder. You can customize it with different options. Each post on recent posts page can have its title, image, date of the post, categories, etc. Besides, there are some layouts available to display recent news.

Big Grid Recent News is one of Phlox News elements on Page Builder, for collecting recent posts in a page/post and gives big grid style to your recent news. Big grid recent news can appear in seven different patterns and each news post can include the post title and post meta (date and category/categories).

The big grid layout is the best choice to show recent news in online magazines.

Follow below steps to add recent news in big grid with Page Builder:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Click the Pages on the Dashboard
  3. Click the Add New
  4. Navigate to the top right hand of the WordPress editor and find Page Builder, beside text tab
  5. Click the Add Widget
  6. Click the Phlox and choose Big Grid Recent News
  7. Click the Edit on the right side of the widget on Page Builder

Big Grid Recent News Options


Choosing a title for the recent posts is optional. You can leave this field empty.


This section allows you to select all available categories to show posts from them, or choose specific categories.

Number of News to Show

This option lets you choose the number of posts you want to appear in recent posts.

Exclude News without Media

Enable this option to exclude news posts without media.

Order by and Order

  • Date: Order the posts by their publication date
  • Menu Order: Order by page order
  • Title: Order by post title
  • ID: Order by post ID
  • Random: Your posts appear randomly
  • Comments: Order the posts by number of comments
  • Date Modified: Order by last modified date
  • Author: Order by the posts' author

The posts can be either descending or ascending.

Only Posts

To show only specific news posts on the page, you can insert their ID in this field.

Include and Exclude Posts

By writing the posts ID in Include and Exclude News fields, you are able to include and exclude news from unspecified categories.

Start Offset

Here you can write the number of posts you would like to skip.

Post Big Grid Style

Insert Post Title

Enable this option to show the title of each post.

Insert News Meta

Post meta will appear after enabling this option and it contains date and category/categories of post.

Extra Class Name

In this section, you are able to set a style for the widget. Write the style on your CSS file, then add the defined class name here.

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