Customizing News Index (pro)

In Phlox you can have a News Page and customize the appearance of it with different available options in the customizer. These options customize the news index. To change each news single page separately, you can read .

Find the related options by following these steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Click Appearance on the Dashboard
  3. Click Customize
  4. Navigate Blog > Blog Page
  5. Now you can change the settings of Blog Archive Page

News Index Settings

News Index Page Template

You can choose the default template for news index or another available template.

News Index Page Sidebar Position

News index page sidebar can be displayed in seven positions.


No Sidebar


Primary Sidebar on Right


Primary Sidebar on Left



Primary & Secondary Sidebars on Left


Primary & Secondary SIdebars on Right


Primary/Right & Secondary/Left Sidebars


Primary/Left & Secondary/Right Sidebars

Show Big Post

By enabling this, a big post appears in the start of the page.

Show Big Post Image

The first post can appear with or without image. Enable this option to show the image.

Exclude News without Featured Image

If you want to exclude news without featured image, enable this option.

Show Image for Posts

You can also disable this option, so the page will contain all news, but all of the images will be disappear.

Show Title

Enable this to show title for the posts.

Show Info

Here you can choose whether to show info for the posts.

Post Info Position

The post info can be displayed before or after the title.

Show Date, Author, and Categories

The posts can contain date, author, and categories. You can separately enable each one you want.

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