Getting Started with Phlox News (pro)

Phlox theme lets you add News to your website. By installing Phlox News Plugin, you can show the latest news such as blog and review posts. It is suitable for creating an online magazine, too. You can simply customize this page and add different things for this page, such as pictures, videos, title, category and tags, etc.
Phlox includes different parts for creating news archive and news single pages. Also, there is an element to show recent news on your website. You are able to customize them with various options. Besides, different layouts are available to satisfy you.
Each news single page can appear with an image, post title, post date, an excerpt, a read more or author name, and like button.
You can read more about single and archive pages on News Single Page Configurations and Options and Customizing News Index articles.

Add a News Page

To add a news page to your website, first of all, you need to install three plugins:
Phlox Elements, Phlox News, Page Builder You can install these three plugins by following the below steps:
  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Click Phlox on the Dashboard
  3. Navigate Phlox Setup Wizard tab
  4. On the third step (Recommended Plugins), install Phlox Elements, Phlox News, and Page Builder
You can find all recommended plugins for Phlox, in this article.

After installing and activating these plugins, you can add Phlox news to your website. First, you need to add some news items. To do so:

  1. Select on News which is added to your WordPress Admin Panel Dashboard
  2. Click Add New, to create a news single page
  3. You can dd a featured image for each page for better appearance

News Permalink

To find your news page on your website, you need to set its permalink ( . For more information, you can check out Archive Page article. News page is set with a default permalink and you can edit this permalink by going to WordPress Admin Panel Dashboard -> Settings.
You can find Phlox Permalink Setting on the bottom of this page. You are able to define any name you want for permalink of news single and archive pages.

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