Translating Phlox Directly in Official WordPress Translate Repository

We recommend that you to read the Overview of Localizationprior to reading this article.

The most recommended and easiest method for translating Phlox theme in your language is using the online translation tool. In this method, you can find and start translating the appropriate language quickly without any requirement (no third party application is required). More importantly, by the contribution on translating the theme, every client can benefit the other clients by saving a lot of time for them.

To start the translating, please check out the following instructions:
  1. Go to Phlox Translating Project in Translating WordPress and look for your language in the list.
  2. After choosing the language, in the new opened page you will see a list of sub-projects to translate.
  3. Choose the sub-project you want. If you want to translate, you can directly translate the project here.
  4. To download your language file, scroll down the page and select all current from the first drop down list and choose Machine Object Message Catalog ( .mo) from the second drop down list.
  5. Click Export. So you can use it on your website.
  6. Rename this file to (for example for french)
  7. Upload the file to /wp-content/languages/themes/ or /wp-content/themes/phlox/languages
  8. Change the WordPress backend language to your language. For more information, read this article.
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