Adding Related Portfolios to Portfolio Single Pages

On your portfolio single pages, there can be a section that contains other portfolios which are similar and somehow related to the portfolio item. Each portfolio single page can simply connect to other portfolios by defined categories and tags.

To add Related Portfolios section to your portfolio item, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Click the Appearance > Customize
  3. Navigate Portfolio > Related Portfolios
  4. Enable Display Related Portfolios

Related Portfolios Setting

Display Related Portfolios

After enabling it, the below options will appear:

Label of Related Section

You can write an optional label for this section.

Image Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of portfolio images can be Horizontal 4:3, Horizontal 16:9, Square 1:1, or Vertical 3:4

Related Items Type

The style and appearance of this section can be either Grid or Carousel.

Number of Columns

The number of columns is changeable and can be up to 3.

Align Center

The text alignment of this section will be centered if you enable this option.

Full Width Related Section

Related portfolios section, can be full-width when you enable this option.

Snap Related Items

There is some space between portfolios on related portfolio section. This space can be omitted by enabling this option.

Display Portfolio Categories

Enable this option to show categories of each item in this section.

Display the Button Under Related Items

To show a button under related items section, you can enable this option.

Link the Button Under Related Items to

You are able to set the mentioned button link to portfolio archive page, or change this link to anywhere you want.

Custom Label for Related Items Button

Here you can edit the label of the button.

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