Adding a Divider between the Content

Use Divider shortcode to separate the content in a stylish way. You can add the divider shortcode, select your desire style, then fill in its attributes. Available options will be explained below.

Divider Sizes

Divider Styles

[aux_divider width="medium" style="solid" margin_top="20" margin_bottom="20" extra_classes=""]

To see the demos of Divider, check out this link.

style "solid" "white-space" "solid" "dashed" "circle-symbol" "diamond-symbol"
width "medium" Specifies the width size of divider. "large" "medium" "small"
margin_top " " Adds space above the divider (in pixels).
margin_bottom " " Adds space below the divider (in pixels).
extra_classes " " Add your custom CSS class names here, to style particular content element differently.
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