Displaying your Content with an Icon by Phlox Text Shortcode

Phlox Text Shortcode lets you add your text as a combination of an icon, a title, and your desired content. You are able to change the layout of the text and insert it between your post content through WordPress editor. There is a specific text style that allows you to customize your post. Use this feature by adding the code and change its elements.

[aux_text title_link="" text_align="left" icon="auxicon-bow-tie" image_position="top" icon_color="#888" title="title" extra_classes=""]Insert your content here[/aux_text]

To see the demos of Text, check out this link.

title_link " " You can link the title to another page by typing the link between these quotations.
text_align "left" Aligns the text to: "left" "right" "center"
icon "auxicon-bow-tie" To see all icons, check out this article .
image_position "top" "top" "left" "right"
icon_size " " Changes the size of the icon. "small" "medium" "large" "x-large"
icon_color "#888" Lets you choose any color you want by adding the color code. Check out this page to see all available colors.
icon_bg_color " " Allows you to choose a color for background of icon. Check out this page to see all available colors. " ": inherit
icon_shape "circle" Changes the shape of the icon to: "circle" "semi-circle" "round-rect": Round Rectangle "rect": Rectangle "hexa"
icon_border_color " " Lets you choose a color for the border around the icon. Check out [step_link id="36954" text="this page"] to see all available colors.
text_color_mode "inherit" "inherit" "dark" "light"
title "title" Write your title here.
extra_classes " " Add your custom CSS class names here, to style particular content element differently.
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