How can I troubleshoot my problem?

Here we provide some tips for basic troubleshooting.

Check for update

First, check if you are using the latest version of the theme and the plugins. Chances are that the issue you are dealing with is already fixed in the latest version.

Isolate the problem

Always make sure that the problem is related to a specific item. Try to disable all other third-party plugins and check again. If the issue is not there anymore, then you need to activate plugins one by one and check at each step for the effect until the trouble-making plugin is found.

Check for errors on your page

Try to replicate the process again while your browser console is open.
At any stages of the process, please check your browser console and if there are any errors there, take a screenshot and send it to us.

Enable the debug

Enable the debug mode and be aware of the debug.log file in the 'wp-content' folder of your WordPress installation. (you need to send that file to us after the process)

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