Adding Google Analytics Code to your Website

One of the Google free services, which WordPress supports it, is Google Analytics. This feature will help you track your website's visitors and realize the amount of traffic that your website receives.

Phlox lets you use this feature just by adding the analytics tracking code into your website. To do so:

Sign Up for Google Analytics

Go to this link and create a new account for your website. After filling the fields click the Get Tracking ID. Copy the code and back on WordPress.

Insert the Tracking ID into Tracking and SEO section

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Select the Appearance on the Dashboard
  3. Click the Customize
  4. Navigate to General > Tracking and SEO
  5. Pase the tracking ID in Google Analytics Code field
  6. Save the changes

Also please note that you need to skip the script tags when you put the codes there. Please pay attention to the following screenshot. The area where you need to put the Customizer option is marked:

You need to replace the GA_TRACKING_ID with your ID which you get from Google.

Now your website is connected to Google Analytics and its data will be sent to Google.

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